Trend Time – 5 Trends to Die For!

Okay ladies, this is the post to read! I have put together a few things that I think are trendy right now! (also some things I am obsessed with doing!)

Have you ever seen that hairstyle that looks so natural, but really isn’t at all?? Here’s our #1 trend:





I love the Ombre style! What’s so special about this  hair color trend is that there are so many shades you can choose, and EVERYONE can pull it off!

#2 Sweaters N’ Boots



Of course this style has been popular for a while, but it is definitely showing up everywhere during the winter! It’s the perfect combination of cute, stylish, and casual all in one!

#3 Red Voluptuous Lips



The red lipstick is back, and just in time for New Years! I myself flaunted the color on Christmas Day, with a cute green shirt from Von Maur! This is one style that is always timeless and classic!

#4 The Leggings/Tights




Tights and leggings have always been a trend in the winter time, but recently I have seen more and more women wearing them! The style of legging that came into style this winter was the colored legging style, which I love! It really brightens up the dreary cold and winter days with some color and flair! Leggings are also inexpensive and easy to pair with your cutest outfits!

#5 Bathing Suits! (Yes I know It’s Still Winter!)



I’m a different kind of blogger, I don’t normally stick to just one season when we are talking about fashion. Fashion happens no matter what season it is and it often changes before you know it. So, although it is just into winter, I have seen an increase in demand for cute bathing suits!! Particularly the fringe bathing suit that barely came into popularity this past summer before the cold hit. It’s a different kind of bathing suit that you can now find everywhere and in all different colors! The second photo is of a bathing suit that I found on! The other bathing suit style that I feel will be really popular this summer is prints and bigness!! By bigness, I mean, there are more things going on in the bathing suit! I love the bow used in this bathing suit, It has a sort of vintage/modern feel to it!


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