Valentine’s Day Fashion

For those of you that are expecting a tacky Valentine’s Day post, especially since it IS almost Valentine’s Day, I am here to tell you that you are safe! As celebration for starting my blog this year, I’ve decided to do things a little differently on holidays! (Except Christmas, everyone loves gifts, right?) So this year on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to focus this post on the fashion and creative side of V-Day ( yes I said it) and try to look at aspects that everyone can look at; being single or not! 

This year, it’s all about dressing your best and looking hot! If you’re single or happily taken, there are many ways you can look your best on this years Valentine’s Day! Remember: Don’t be afraid to work these outfits! Who cares if it’s Valentine’s Day or not!? It just gives you an excuse to look hot 🙂

Fight the pink and red hearts; GO PURPLE!


Change It Up


Hints of Love (but not too much!)


Why Go Casual When You Can Go Elegant?


Forget Me NOT!


Meow… PRRR.


Black and White Valentine’s Day Special


It’s Still Cold Out Some Where in the World!


Don’t Forget The Accessories!


And if you’re really wanting to throw a little V-Day spite in there… why not try out the voluptuous red lip look! (It never goes out of style!)


Stripes & Pink – Too Cute For Love! 😉


Along with these cute outfits that you can mix and match together straight from your closet, don’t be afraid to try out some new perfume to set off that dynamic “I smell better than red roses on Valentine’s Day” smell! 🙂 Try my recent addiction, FLOWERBOMB! ( I know this scent has been out for ages, but this scent never gets old!)




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