My Passions

Lately, I have been thinking about what makes me happy. Almost my whole life, I have been doing things to make other people happy, to provide for myself, to barely get by.. and for what? I seemed to be depressed, sad and bored. This year (part of my new years), I have decided to try and participate in what makes me happy, or what I enjoy. I decided that I was going to take up blogging (check!), and photography! So a couple days ago I went out and started taking photos and seemed to really enjoy myself! So as evidence I am doing this, I posted two of my most recent photos on the “Photography” page in my blog. I am just a beginner, mind you. So I do realize this isn’t “professional” photography. Although it is a start, and I am sure I will progress at it if I keep up with it!



2 responses to “My Passions

  1. Keep taking pictures! Professional photography is not always good. I am usually attracted to more random types of photos.. Something I don’t normally see, something pretty..

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