The pieces of my life, slowly coming back together. 

I’m sitting here in my living room thinking about all the things that have happened to me in most recent weeks. I’ve started reading my bible again for the first time in.. Well, too long. I bought a new bible that I love, a women’s inspirational bible. It helps me to pinpoint areas of my life that relate to what I am reading in God’s word. 

Lately, my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and self assessment. My husband and I have grown ever closer by growing closer to God this year, but I’m moved farther apart from my family, my parents and in laws. It’s true what they say, that in laws are hard to deal with. However, I feel that if we are to live our lives with God in mind, this is all but untrue. I was recently told that spending time with family only happens when everyone participates and makes an effort to see one another. One of my problems is making time for family, in laws or not. Through reading my bible, I hope to get better at this. Life is not all about working and is most certainly not all about getting “the career”. That “career” most certainly won’t be there after you are 75, sick, and alone. God, and your family will be there. I need to wake up, and quit being a fool. I need to reach out. It’s hard though. I am the type of person that likes people to reach out to me, to show they care. It’s hard to reach out to people of whom I don’t see and that I am not exactly liking at the moment. That is my mission for right now. I hope everyone is willing to support me and write encourage words. I’m going to be better at connecting with family, even if they make me mad or upset me. They are family, after all. 

I also have an interview on Monday for a new career. Even though I am really not searching for a new one imuntil after graduation, God has placed this opportunity within my reach. After my first interview went well the other week, but did not get, I feel God wants to give me another pick me up. I pray that He helps me do a great job. Even if this position is not meant to be, God knows what I am capable of and he is just getting me ready for that big day where I can come home to my husband and proudly say, “Honey?! I got the job!” 

Thanks for listening to my ravings! 

+ Mrs. H


2 responses to “The pieces of my life, slowly coming back together. 

  1. I hope & pray that you get the job! I often mistakenly think that when I am struggling with something that it is the first time anyone has ever struggled with it, but; that same struggle has happened countless times to different people just in a different way. Like how you stated that we all struggle with in-laws…

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words! And I agree with you, 100%! Sometimes we feel that no one knows what we are feeling, but you are right. Others go through these things in a different way, and it’s great to be able to learn how to deal with them from advice. I hope that your struggle with in laws (if you have struggled before) gets better! Prayer really does amazing things!

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