Inexpensive Date Ideas

      Sometimes, It’s just really hard to take your other half on a date. Whether you’re dating, married with no kids, married with kids or simply admirers looking for inexpensive ways to court, it’s very challenging! Finding the romance and the cheap date ideas are becoming increasingly difficult as life gets busier. I have put together a few date ideas that are low cost, and are very romantic! 🙂

1. The best ideas are normally the most simple. Whether it’s cloudy, sunny, raining or not, picnics can be done anywhere! My advice for a cheap and romantic date would be a picnic that is catered to you and your loved ones interests! No longer just made up of sandwiches in plastic baggies, spice it up! Take your favorite chardonnay, with your favorite books, on a comfy blanket. Customize the picnic with flowers, candy, pillows and more! 




2. Another great inexpensive idea: Cook! What is not to love about cooking your favorite meal and enjoying each other’s company. This would be great especially for those couples that both work, have kids, or are constantly busy. Just sitting down after cooking a nice meal and relaxing is the perfect key to a perfect night. 


3. What better way to enjoy each other’s company by living a healthier lifestyle? Working out release endorphins that make you happy, and what better way to get happy and get fit than by working out with your other half? Working out together is a cheap and fun way to stay active in your relationship. Whether its taking a jog outdoors, lifting weights at the gym or doing some squats, you can bet that making yourself healthy can make you double as happy with the person you love.


4. A fourth great way to spend some time with your loved one without spending a lot of money would be  ICE CREAM. Go get some ice cream and cool off or chill out! After, take a walk! Whether you’re near a beach, a park, some forest, or just a small hiking trail down the street from your house, take a hike! Nothing says I care about you like some finger liking ice cream and walk in the forest of love 🙂


5. Lastly, the greatest way to not spend money on making a great date into a romantic date would be to watch the sunset (or sunrise)! What a great way to make a date a spectacular scene by taking a walk and watching the sunset under the horizon. A priceless view with no price! 



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