God In My Life

        It’s time to get personal with my blogging. Lately, I have only been posting things that I think are interesting, but nothing personal. Personal is what my heart thrives on, and with the inability to express my feelings to my family and friends, I need an out. Rarely have I felt that I have been cared about by my parents, and typically envy those children that have wonderful parents. Often, I think about what my life would be like If I had gotten parents that loved me. Although I think this way, I have to realize one thing: I was made in God’s image. I was made and was predetermined a life that I would live, which God bestowed upon me. I can’t think of any more reason to change how upset I feel by simply knowing


 God loved me enough to make me who I am. Often, I have stop myself and think about why I am so miserable. After all, God made me this way for a reason, and He would never put me through anything I could not handle. With this in mind, faithfully attending church, praying, and attempting to read my bible helps me to gather my life from the pieces I have dropped. I love where I am today, and even though I hurt, and wonder why my life is not perfect,I have to realize that no one is perfect. Even if you don’t believe in God, one must believe that perfection is for dreams. In my dreams, I am perfect. In reality, I am not. I hope that people don’t mind I am ranting and raving about my life, but expressing how I feel really helps me to keep going in life, and to realize that God has a plan for me. 


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