What Do Guys Like? I Know What Boys Like!

Here I am, sitting at home sipping a cup of iced tea thinking, what do guys like? Things that are funny, sports, food, women, video games, cars…. etc. The list goes on and on. Many times I sit in this exact spot and think about how to make my blog more interesting and accessible to all men. So, I decided to go to an expert. My husband! He likes sports (especially the Kansas Jayhawks), he loves cars, (obviously loves women, but sometimes I wonder if video games are more loved than me), and loves to eat. Well that’s it! Here’s a post for those guys that think these blogs are lame, and only women-centric! I can be manly! (figuratively speaking) and I know what you like! So let me play my hand at putting on here some things that might interest you guys, and let this post be your source of information to things you haven’t tried yet too!

– Have you checked out your game scores lately?  Check out the recent scores  of your favorite teams , rosters & more here!



– Do YOU have a video game craving? Wanna know what hot games are out right now? Click here, or here, or… here!




StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

– Men like funny things. I can be funny! (or I can try!)

  The Big Bang Theory: The Whore of Omaha

The Office: Asian Jim

The Office: Morse Code Prank

The Big Bang Theory: Howard & Bernadette Fight


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